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Creative support for music and the arts

Independent, professional, artist focussed and specialized.


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Webstar Media Group provides independent musicians, artists, freelance professionals, and small independent businesses with a way to invest in themselves by offering creative support for presentation, branding and a professional online presence, along with marketing strategies to generate awareness and income as directly as possible.

webstar Direct-2-Fan support is tailored for every project and includes…


Full websites, microsites, online bios, and promotional features to suit any level of online presentation and budget. Applications can be designed to be your main outlet, or used to support marketing for an existing website. Our professional hosting, domain and email services provide a solid and reliable web presence.

Website Design


Full graphic design and video editing services.


Printed products and promotional material.


Our store incorporates independent non-commercial guides, and also operates as a primary or secondary outlet to provide direct-2-fan promotion or commercial sales on behalf of independent artists and small businesses.


Content management, copywriting and marketing strategies for new products, events and releases.


Independent guides and articles to support creative people and projects.


We understand the music and entertainment industries, and just how complicated and time consuming creating or maintaining any kind of presence can be, especially if you’re just starting out, or have no time to maintain the online side of things.

Free up the time to focus on developing projects and careers with the help of online promotion and creative support from Webstar Media Group.

The Arts Design Merch Promotion Support

Creative Support for Creative People…

★webstar are UK based and offer creative support for direct marketing from entry level and beyond to help shape, manage, and protect online projects, brands, and identities to provide artists, and those taking care of them, with professional representation. This includes independent support and news services for agents, management, established artists, labels, distributors, promoters, and entrepreneurs.


Direct-2-Fan support for established musicians, session musicians, signed or unsigned artists, bands and individuals. Merchandise, online and offline promotion, independent reviews, news, and more.
Direct-2-Consumer or Business-2-Business marketing can be applied to independent labels, studios, venues, rehearsal rooms, record stores and any small business associated with the music industry.


Visual : Literary : Performance

Our support is not limited to the music industry. We also offer support for those involved in any expressive or creative medium. Dance, acting, comedy, film and photography, writing, poetry, and the supporting fields of representation, production and management.


Online and print support for new and established designers, models, make-up artists, photographers and show organizers. Professional online bios, image galleries, video editing, copywriting, and independent reviews and news.


Direct-2-Consumer support for independent performance or exhibition spaces including music venues, independent cinema, galleries, clubs, festivals and event spaces. Online or printed promotional material, reviews, features and news updates.


Business-2-Business support for the freelance sector with online contact points and materials such as online bios, minisites, community listings, guides and links, printed business stationery and more to create awareness and connection. Support for technicians, engineers, and crew within sound, lighting or production industries for music, fashion, and entertainment.



Webstar Media Group is a primarily a creative project rather than a commercial one. However, profits or incoming funds are important to us as they are reinvested in supporting new and independent artists, writers, performers, or anyone we think needs a hand or would benefit from more exposure. We invite recommendations, or contact people directly in some cases.


Independent writers and freelance journalists are invited to contribute features and articles along with reviews of new releases, performances and events. We can offer a platform and support for a regular blog with us, or provide a feature and link to a third-party blog or resource.


Fans are the most important aspect of this project. Audience is the key element. We aim to create a resource that is useful and important to both artists and fans alike. If you would like to support this project as a fan, Webstar Media Group offers an independent online community you can join which benefits everyone – fans, creative people, collectors, and those with a passion for music and the arts.

Visit DOT WORLD for more details…

Image credits (License CC V4) : Dancer by Yann Cœuru, Catwalk by José Goulão, Guitarist on Stage by Wendy Wei. Take Care © Webstar 2023

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Send a press release or news about gigs, tours, events, exhibitions, products, or new releases and we can support you with a news item, a feature, or a review if we think it’s of interest to our community.


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