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Join the dots, and support the creative worlds of music, entertainment, fashion, the arts, and literature.

Paid membership gets you a virtual apartment or studio space, and your membership fee supports this resource, which in turn supports new and emerging artists, independent ventures, production crew and technicians. The more funds we can raise, the more we can all help others as a community.

In return, you receive your very own responsive, mobile-first minisite where you can add your information, image, video playlist and links to all of your other media in one neat package. You also become a part of our support network, and receive exclusive news about future projects and sponsorship.

See FAQs for full details…


DOT WORLD can be summarized as a specific community made for creative people and related industries, services and professions. This includes collectors, historians, or fans of any creative genre. The function and aims go beyond providing a listing or contact point. Members are supported with a web presence, and fees go toward maintaining the community, and provides a way to help newcomers or new talent within creative fields.

Connect – Meet others in a variety of creative fields.

Promote – Receive a DOT WORLD listing and your own minisite.

Support – Membership fees support this project, new talent, and independent in-house projects.

DOT WORLD – Creative people supporting creative people.


Membership is primarily for those within particular genres and interests, and is subject to application.

This helps to ensure the community is both interesting and focussed on creative subjects.

If you have an interest in any of the following (or similar) you can apply to join this community, which in turn helps to support others in similar genres.

  • Fan Clubs
  • Music Fans
  • Art Appreciation
  • Movie Fans
  • Dance Fans
  • Fans of Literature
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Musicians
  • Bands
  • DJs
  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Journalists
  • Filmmakers
  • Photographers
  • Actors
  • Comedians
  • Entertainers
  • Dancers
  • Sound Engineers
  • Lighting Technicians
  • Production Crew
  • Fashion Models
  • Fashion Designers
  • Collectors
  • Enthusiasts
  • Historians
  • Crafts
  • Model Makers
  • Memorabilia Collectors
  • Vintage Collectors
  • Vinyl Collectors

Please note: This community is not open to subjects such as politics, health, games, lifestyle topics, sexually explicit or extreme content, financial services, commercial influencers, or the direct selling or marketing of related products, or indirect links to external third party marketing content. Third party advertising cannot be included on a minisite.

Freelance individuals, projects and small businesses or venues related to music or entertainment can take a studio listing to promote their services, but each application is reviewed and considered. Inclusion is not guaranteed.

Membership covers a one year period, and in return you receive a fully functioning minisite and a community listing. You also have access to an online news centre featuring the kind of projects funded, and advance notice of future projects.

  • A DOT WORLD listing (UK, US, World or Studio)
  • A minisite
  • Sponsorship news and updates
See the video for more…

What is a Minisite?

  • Your text (around 500 words)
  • Links to websites you use or recommend (optional)
  • Contact links to your own social media or website
  • An image
  • A video playlist or link (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or similar)
  • Studio Listings – flexible design options
Minisite Example

Webstar DOT WORLD is open to the public. Anyone can see your information (listing and minisite).

All interaction for the community is through a members only Facebook Group, and support for members is provided by a moderator (The Caretaker).

There are no public forums or chat applications.

Minisite Address Options

Your minisite has a direct web address (URL) and is independent from the community pages. You can configure and advertise your address in any of the following ways:

  • Default: location + your id number e.g.
  • You can replace the location reference with your name:
  • You can register your own domain: This will incur an initial registration fee, and reoccurring renewal fees.


Listing links are grouped by country (currently UK and US) or you can select worldwide and use your own country. The specific locations reflect the history of particular cultures and locations surrounding the development of creative media over the decades.

You don’t need to reside in the country you select for your listing link. The location can help you to network in a particular country, or is just for fun. You don’t need to be specific about where you are located. If you do want to add a specific area or city to your listing, you can. If you are in a country or city not in the UK or US, your listing is added to the worldwide section.

If there is a demand for other specific locations, they will be included as the community develops (The Netherlands for example).

Note: minisites are not country specific.

Email addresses cannot be included in listings or minisites. Contact is via external links to your social media accounts, or other media such as a main website. This is to prevent any unwanted junk mail or the harvesting of email addresses within the community. Your social media accounts can help to block this too.

If you want to network, links to existing platforms that are understood and commonly used can be included with your minisite (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Bandcamp), or are available on the sites of others.

There are no extra services to sign-up for. There are no chat forums or apps to download.

We do not nag for media subscriptions or likes, or send email marketing such as newsletters or special deals. These kind of updates, or any news or offers are posted on the members Facebook Group. How, or if you access the Facebook Group is entirely up to you.

Once everything has been set-up, nothing further is sent directly to your email address, apart from the option to renew your yearly membership and notices that are helpful or important.

The data you provide is protected by our privacy policies. Financial information and transactions are handled by known third-party providers (PayPal) with the required security protection and data privacy policies. If you have concerns about payment and data security, please confirm directly with the payment provider.

Webstar DOT WORLD is a community project produced by UK based Webstar Media Group Ltd. This is a creative group rather than a commercial one, and offers various projects run by independent individuals or contributors who have an interest in what we are trying to achieve.

Our projects are not driven by profit, but some are dedicated to raising funds. These funds go straight back into supporting various projects and those involved. Any surplus is dedicated to the direct support of creative people (existing projects, newcomers or new talent). At the very least, this takes the form of a web presence, a feature, or some kind of promotion. The nature of artist support depends on how much finance we can raise.

The overall aim is to develop direct-to-fan resources or promotion, and to give more exposure to freelance workers within music and entertainment industries (performers and crew). This includes those producing content for video sharing platforms.

Some projects are non-profit to respect the various terms and conditions involved.

Webstar Media Group Ltd is independent. Onsite advertising from sponsors, or commission-based sales are not a part of the plan. However we do welcome patrons or contributors interested in supporting this project behind the scenes financially, and in terms of content or networking. We are also grateful to anyone taking DOT WORLD membership and thank each and every member for their support.

Membership fees are charged yearly rather than monthly. Feedback indicated there is a preference to maintain a listing and minisite for at least a year at a time, rather than month-to-month. In terms of community integrity, a yearly fee provides a more stable membership, and avoids a high turnover of come-and-gone short term members.

The payment provider is PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay your invoice.

IMPORTANT: There is no way to update your content yourself. Updates need to be sent to the moderator (The Caretaker) who will then update your files for you.

Virtual Apartment
Membership (UK USA)


Present content and link to your social media in one neat package. Supply your content and DOT WORLD will add it for you. There is no regular update option, but you can apply to change your information if it becomes outdated. This is the perfect option if you want a hassle-free web presence.

Membership Includes:

  • DOT WORLD Listing (UK or US)
  • Mobile-responsive minisite
  • Access to sponsorship news and updates

A Standard Minisite Includes:

  • An Image
  • A Video Playlist
  • Text (around 500 words max.)
  • Links to all your social media
  • Links you recommend (optional)

Virtual Studio


A simple and effective way to network online. Studio membership is open to freelance individuals and small independent businesses or projects. Ideal for those who would like a way to promote themselves, but don’t really need a multi-page site, or want to incur costly monthly subscription fees. You can advertise your services or works, and have an option to update content.

The studio option is also open to individuals who would like more flexibility in terms of content.

  • Freelance Individuals
  • Independent businesses
  • Creative Services
  • Professional Performers
  • Media Support Services
A Standard Minisite + EXTRAS
  • Image Gallery available (slideshow)
  • Can request a modified page layout
  • Can update content (max. once a month)
  • Can add a text news flash to listing


If you would like to offer more support, you can offer a higher value donation by the year, or as a one-time gift. The amount is entirely up to you.

You receive a full virtual studio listing, or if you prefer, your donation can be used to support us without a listing or minisite.

As a patron, you have the option to indicate which particular genre you’d like your financial support to go to (for example, music or the arts). You can also nominate a particular person or project.


We also offer support to management, agents, labels, and patrons of artists (or multiple artists) in any creative genre – from music to the arts. This includes management of projects for those who may wish to recommended projects or artists anonymously or indirectly. For more information, please see our Artist Support option.

Artist Support (no membership) Support and Membership
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Ready to Join?

The first step is to apply. There is nothing to pay at this stage. You are not committed to anything.

We will get back to you as soon as we can. This is not an automated process so please bear with us.

Privacy policy (summary): There are no obligations and you will not be added to a mailing list or sent unwanted mail as a result of using this contact form. All personal data and message content are strictly confidential and are not made public, used for marketing purposes, or resold to third parties.

Please see our privacy policy for full details.


Step 2

If approved, we will provide details about providing content. You will be invoiced for membership.

Please note: inclusion is subject to application and availability, and is not guaranteed.