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Shared Video Policy, Privacy Policy, Content Advisory, Disclaimers, Copyright & Cookies

Webstar Media Group Ltd. produces the following titles:


The following policies, statements, terms and disclaimers apply to all entities as a whole, followed by any specific conditions or information for individual productions.







Webstar Media Group Ltd. does not actively collect or require your private details or contact information. If you do contact us by email, your address remains confidential and it is retained for correspondence purposes only. is an online community. At sign-up an option to receive updates by email is offered, otherwise news is published via a Facebook group. Joining this group is optional and emailed news is off by default.

Webstar Media Group Ltd. does not resell or pass on any addresses or details to third parties, or use them for our own advertising purposes.


Cookies (known as HTTP Cookies) are commonly used and arrive unseen as you browse from site to site. They are very small data files that work with your browser and often help with remembering things such as preferences, session log-in details, and the contents of shopping carts. Some cookies are required for site function. Others track how visitors interact with websites, but can’t identify who the visitors are (such as Google Analytics – see more below). Some websites use tracking cookies for advertising purposes.

Legal implications for website owners

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a current EU privacy and data collection law stating that site visitors must be informed about intention and reason for issuing cookies, and be offered an interaction to confirm awareness of this, such as the activation an ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ button, that subsequently allows or blocks cookie use.

Security measures for website users

For full privacy protection, you should check cookie use and the intention before you agree to them. You can learn more about cookies and how they are set for your browser by referring to the privacy and security options usually found in browser settings. You can view cookies that are currently set, or manage how cookies are used. It is also possible to block, delete, or clear cookies, but care should be taken as deleting functional cookies may create access problems or log-in issues.

Cookies used for this site

Cookies set directly by (First Party Cookies)


Webstar Media Group Ltd. doesn’t track you or process personal data. There is no advertising, no account sign-up, no account log-ins, no store, or social media links. We do not set any cookies for this site but we do allow third party cookies (see next item).

Third Party Cookies

This site uses Google Analytics which does set cookies. These cookies are used in relation to how the site is used – how long people stay on the site and the pages viewed. Your IP address is also collected for geographical location purposes. Collecting your personal information is not a part of this process which is anonymized. Google Analytics is known to us, and we took the option of installing it for this site.

The reason for inclusion is to monitor how our site performs and how much traffic we receive. We also use analytics to identify problems and to improve user experience. There are no commercial purposes other than monitoring the performance of this site. Embedded Content This site features embedded shared video from third party providers. Cookies from these providers will activate once a video is viewed. The video sources used for non-commercial productions are as follows:

  • /

Should you have any concerns about cookie use for the above, please see each provider site for their own privacy policies. External Content Links to external sites are included. External links open in a new window and each site carry their own cookies and privacy policies.

Protect yourself online

If you need help or clarification about our policies, you can contact us via

Before accepting cookies or giving personal information online for any website, it is recommended that you research the relevant information and take the time to learn how to protect yourself.

Understanding cookies, two-step authentication, and password management (and also following software and operating system updates) can greatly improve your online security.


There is no adult content, but there may be content that is not suitable for children or those of a sensitive disposition. Some third-party content is age-restricted directly by the owners, and you will need to leave this site to sign-in or view some external content.

We do not tolerate any form of social discrimination, but we do believe in free expression when it comes to creative arts, and the exploration of subjects that offer examples to provide you with context and areas for personal debate.

Erasing social history deemed inappropriate today also erases the lessons learnt and those affected by it, who should be remembered. It is recommended that you do not proceed if you have concerns about censorship, or historical content that may depict outdated views.

As with any user-controlled media, the decision to view something, or not, is in your hands.


Shared video policy December 2020

Our approach to sharing third party videos:

  • The aim is to select video from official or close sources.
  • The owners have freely provided the option to share via official code from their provider.
  • Third-party videos are embedded only. They are not downloaded or edited.
  • We do not imply ownership, association, or endorsement.
  • Where possible, we provide links back to original sources and channels.
  • Videos are curated in-house, and third party playlists are assessed before inclusion.
  • Videos are curated manually – there are no automated processes.

Official Sources

★webstar strives to link to material that is official, from original sources, or is for approved purposes. We do not endorse any featured content and we are not associated with any third party material or advertising.

We don’t host video

Video content is external content activated by third party code freely provided by the hosting platforms and video owners for the intention of sharing videos under terms and conditions. All videos are hosted by third parties and are subject to the policies and terms for each external provider (including the setting of cookies). We do not host the featured third party video files, or control any associated third party advertising that may be displayed.

All video content is as intended by the owner – there are no edits, mash-ups, commentaries, or uploads of material belonging to other parties.


If you are a video owner and have any copyright issues, please contact the relevant third party provider directly. All shared video origins can be followed by clicking the video title tag, or by following the references displayed in each playlist.

Don’t share my video…

If the intention is not to share videos, video owners need to adjust content sharing settings at source, or from the online account associated with the provider. Once taken down, blocked, or restricted at source, a video will no longer appear here (or anywhere else) automatically.

Webstar Media Group Ltd. does not accept any responsibility for the content, or change of content, for external third-party links.